There are some things that I've known for so long, that i can't remember when i first learned it. or how it felt to hear it for the first time. Or how to unlearn it. 

For Example: 

In my family, we're not allowed to split pears. In my entire life, i have never shared a single pear with another person, because that would mean that we won't be separated. 

splitting pears: 分利 sounds like 分离 : which would mean that you and the person with whom you share this pear with, will have to somehow leave each other. it's just the way it is. 

My mother and i have sat at the kitchen table, contemplating who should have the last pear in the house. after it was decided, watched her eat the pear in five bites, almost fearfully, like she's scared i might lunge forward and leave her.

Once I tried to wield it as a weapon while breaking up with a boyfriend. I cut the pair in two and gave him half without telling the story. He ate it while we took turns blaming one another for this and that. But just as I was about to finish my half, I wrapped it in a napkin and put it in the fridge.